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We are experiencing severely detrimental changes in human society and all living ecosystems, with the prevailing kind of entrepreneurship being one of the major reasons.

Business needs regenerative entrepreneurs and pioneers who are building companies that contribute to a thriving future for all living beings on this earth.

But these leaders cannot unleash their full transformational capabilities without really strong ties and deep meaningful relationships with other conscious entrepreneurs on eye level.

We need ways to multiply their impact and solve humanity's most significant challenges together.

Why we need regenerative entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful forces there is.

Everything around us was created by an inventive entrepreneur who had the idea and the skills to make it happen. We see entrepreneurship as the art of bringing visions into reality.

This craft can be used to deepen the global problems we have right now or to contribute to a thriving world for all. But deciding for the latter is not enough. It has already caused so much damage to society and other ecosystems, which need regeneration.

Regeneration means turning an infertile piece of land which has previously been a monoculture farm into a thriving, lush forest. Regeneration means hiring an employee who got bullied at his last job for being too crazy, too nerdy and offering him a place where he can fully express all his gifts and finally be himself.

Regeneration means shifting your company from a standard hierarchical structure “I’m your boss and tell you what to do” into a self-managing organization, where everybody is a leader and has a stake in the company.

Regeneration means putting the needs of the seven upcoming generations into consideration when making business or personal decisions. And regeneration also means building a big, global, financially successful business around your purpose.

It’s about the regeneration of all capitals - human, social, natural, financial, etc. Somebody having the capability to take care of them all and is aiming every day to become a little bit more regenerative than yesterday, is a true leader.

A regenerative entrepreneur guiding humanity into the future.

Our vision

We are building a global ecosystem consisting of high-level regenerative entrepreneurs co-creating the future.

A place where you have direct access to world-leading experts in their respective fields. With an internal economy enabling a web of mutual investments leading to crowdfunded community spaces all over the world - thrive villages as we call them - where network members live full-time or temporarily.

We aim to build the world's most vibrant places, totally immersed in nature, with extremely bright and talented people next door. Places where all areas of your life seamlessly flow into each other and a holistically healthy and fulfilling life is easy.

With retreat & incubator facilities birthing and training the next generation of changemakers. These spaces will be strongly interlinked online, allowing the sharing of information and learnings as well as people moving between communities.

Where all this may lead? Gaining diplomatic recognition as a sovereign state. A network state. (see Balaji Srinivasans book “the network state”) And being a role model for the society of the future.

The network. Where we begin now.

Deep meaningful relationships

A safe and vibrant space where regenerative entrepreneurs are able to develop strong ties with other entrepreneurs on eye level. Really going deep with each other. Your tribe is awaiting you.

Business growth

Into the highest, most regenerative manifestation of your company. Together we explore how to build a global impact organization and support each other along the way.


After building a strong foundation many exciting co-creation opportunities will naturally arise: building communities together, shared investment endeavors, starting new companies, etc.

Exploring the unknown

When the right people come together everything is possible. We are open to all that wants to emerge from the network and don’t limit ourselves to how far we are able to look in the future now.

Genesis. Our in-person gatherings.

Multiple times a year we are hosting mastermind events in the world's most beautiful regenerative locations. Where ecology meets luxury. Inspiring places where creativity gets stimulated and big ideas emerge effortlessly. Together we deepen our shared quest for becoming more and more regenerative with our businesses.

And of course your family is invited as well. Genesis is about the seamless merging of all areas of our lives into a unique piece of art.

The four components of Genesis:

  • exploring regenerative entrepreneurship
  • co-creation
  • immersed in nature
  • meaningful connection

Upcoming dates:

The biannual regenerative report.

Each member of the network commits to submitting a regenerative report twice a year.

The report consists of various metrics measuring the regenerative effect the entrepreneur and his / her company are having. These range from employee satisfaction and individual personal growth to environmental factors, financial success and the creation of a setting where all stakeholders are benefitting from the wealth created.

The report deepens the commitment to our values, makes our collective effort visible and has the potential to work as a seal of quality for the outside world, therefore being able to attract conscious and high-level employees, customers, investors and partners.

You’re not just a member. You’re a co-creator.

… and an owner. And a decision-maker. At the moment thrive is incorporating as a FairShares Commons, an organization where all stakeholders - staff, customers, investors, partners, etc. - are all involved in the governance process and benefit from the wealth created.

So the energy of all stakeholders is aligned in one direction: the realization of the shared purpose. The result is a resilient, regenerative and credible impact organization. Therefore the network members are not just customers buying a service but instead fundamentally co-creators steering the organization together and possessing shares.

This is realized through sociocracy, an alternate governance model. For further reference see the book “Rebuild” by Graham Boyd and Jack Reardon.


Thrive pursues a very careful member selection process in order to ensure the highest network value. The qualifying criteria include:

These criteria are not fixed, they will be molded over time by the network members who participate in the member selection process through sociocracy. In edge cases there is the possibility of substituting one requirement with an outstanding satisfaction of another.​

Membership fees

We strongly sense that the classic payment model for memberships is outdated. A fixed monthly or yearly rate that is the same for every member, regardless of the value that he or she is getting, just didn’t feel aligned with our values. Inspired by Charles Eisenstein, our founder Robert Gladitz began experimenting with the concept of gift economy many years ago. Creating products and services where you put in all your love and then gifting them to customers who out of gratitude for the valuable gift they received feel the urge to give a generous sum in return. This is an economy rooted in trust, gratitude and abundance - qualities we want to manifest more of in this world.

So the path is clear: every network member is able to set his / her individual membership fee according to the value he / she received in the network.

For Genesis, our in-person gatherings, thrive charges a fixed fee upfront to cover for expenses (location, food, team, preparations, etc.) and afterwards each member makes a gift that feels appropriate for the value thrive provided by hosting the experience.

We are very excited to embark together with our members on the journey towards a revolutionary economic paradigm.

the thrive regenerative entrepreneur network

A final word

The thrive regenerative entrepreneur network is just starting.
All of our founding members are hand-selected.
We are looking to create a very intimate founding setting consisting of only a small group of pioneering members.

If you feel called to join the network and fulfill our qualifying criteria please contact our founder, Robert Gladitz.